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I was an editor first the Observing Editor, then an Associate Editor — at Sky & Telescope for five years. During that time, I produced more star charts and tables than any subscriber could possibly imagine. I also had the privilege to edit articles and web content written by both legends in and newcomers to the field. I did quite a bit of writing, beginning with news posts for our website and book reviews for the print issue, but writing more and more for both as my tenure at S&T wore on. By the time I left, I was writing the monthly Celestial Calendar for the print issue, all the monthly observing content for our annual publication SkyWatch, and also producing the technical content for S&T's annual observing calendar. The SkyWatch writing was my favorite, but I've gathered here some of my other assignments. Editing samples from both S&T and SkyWatch are available upon request.

Book Reviews
  • "Art of the Universe," review of Cosmigraphics: Picturing Space Through Time by Michael Benson (Abrams, 2014)
  • "Our Place in the Universe," review of Galactic Encounters: Our Majestic and Evolving Star-System, From the Big Bang to Time’s End by William Sheehan and Christopher J. Conselice (Springer, 2015)
  • "Art from Science," review of Expanding Universe: Photographs from the Hubble Space Telescope edited by Nina Weiner, with contributions from Owen Edwards, Zoltan Levay, Charles F. Bolden, Jr., and John Mace Grunsfeld (TASCHEN, 2015)
  • "Science vs. Science," review of Setting Aside All Authority: Giovanni Battista Riccioli and the Science against Copernicus in the Age of Galileo by Christopher M. Graney (University of Notre Dame Press, 2015)
  • "A Fresh Approach," review of The Total Skywatcher’s Manual by Astronomical Society of the Pacific (Weldon Owen, 2015)
  • "Representing the Universe," review of Cosmos: The Infographic Book of Space by Stuart Lowe & Chris North (Aurum Press, 2015)
  • "Big Science, Small Science," review of Black Hole Blues and Other Songs from Outer Space by Janna Levin
  • (Alfred A. Knopf, 2016)
  • "Success Story," review of The Far End of the Journey: Lowell Observatory’s 24-inch Clark Telescope by Kevin Schindler (Lowell Observatory, 2016)
  • "Totality Changes Everything," review of SUN MOON EARTH: The History of Solar Eclipses from Omens of Doom to Einstein and Exoplanets by Tyler Nordgren (Basic Books, 2016)
  • "Pure & Simple," review of Night Sky with the Naked Eye: How to Find Planets, Constellations, Satellites
  • and Other Night Sky Wonders Without a Telescope by Bob King (Page Street Publishing, 2016)
  • "X-Ray Revelations," review of Chandra's Cosmos: Dark Matter, Black Holes, and Other Wonders Revealed by NASA’s Premier X-Ray Observatory by Wallace H. Tucker (Smithsonian Books, 2017)
  • "Other Worlds," review of The Planet Factory: Exoplanets and the Search for a Second Earth by Elizabeth Tasker (Bloomsbury Sigma, November 2017)
  • "A Grand Endeavor," review of Universe: Exploring the Astronomical World by Phaidon Editors, Paul Murdin (Phaidon, 2017)
  • "A New Nighttime Companion," review of interstellarum Deep Sky Guide by Ronald Stoyan and Uwe Glahn
  • (Oculum-Verlag GmbH and Cambridge University Press, 2018)
  • "Step by Step to Success," review of 100 Things to See in the Night Sky by Dean Regas (Adams Media, 2017)
  • "An Kythe the Mystery," review of Oor Big Braw Cosmos: A Cocktail of Cosmic Science, Imagery & Poetry by John C. Brown and Rab Wilson (Luath Press Ltd, 2019)
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